Mountain Diamond Longhorns is dedicated to breeding for quality genetics, meat, and horns.
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       Mountain Diamond Longhorns is a small farm in West Virginia, dedicated to breeding for quality genetics, meat, and horns.
        We have 4 different lines in our gene pool.  Butler, Yates, YO, and WR.  In the Butler breed we have descendants of Classic and Lady Butler, and are favored for exceptional horn growth.
       Most of our cows, as well as Mountain Diamond are mostly the Butler breed.  Several of our cows have YO genes, tracing back to Bold Ruler and YO Sam Houston.  We also have a good mix of WR (Wildlife Refuge) cattle on the sire or dam side.  The WR type--believed by many--typifies the old-time Texas Longhorn.
      Also available are cross calves, between Longhorns and Angus. meridia online no prescription. phentermine online without prescription. buy provigil online no prescription.

We feel there is great potential in raising longhorns:

1. Genes for high fertility
2. Calving ease
3. Disease and parasite resistance
4. Hardiness and Longevity
5. Thriftiness, the ability to use low quality forage
6. And quality meat with low cholesterol

          Please feel free to contact us if you see something that you are interested in purchasing or leasing.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Mountain Diamond Longhorn Cattle WV

Dave & Barb Miller
Mountain Diamond Longhorns


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